Why send a card in a digital world?

Why send a card in a digital world?

In a world ruled by digital technology, you may wonder why greeting cards are even still a ‘thing’. But a ‘thing’ they certainly are! So, why are greeting cards still so popular and why should we send them?

Say it with a card

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines, birthdays, graduation, passing a test and a new job are just a handful of occasions when you may send a card. No matter if the message is sentimental, funny or downright rude, you can always find a card that says what you really want to say! A greeting card in itself is the simplest of inventions to communicate with someone; a folded piece of card with a printed design on the front and a handwritten message inside. But something so simple can be powerful and memorable. As we are all constantly surrounded by fast paced digital technology, to give and receive an ‘old school’ physical form of communication is actually quite heartwarming, so why wouldn’t you send a card?

The personal touch

There will always be a temptation to send a text message or post on social media over sending a card. But whether it be 6 months or 10 years ago, when was the last time you received a physical card in the post? How did it make you feel? Why not create that feeling for someone else? Knowing someone has taken time out of their day to firstly find the right card out of the thousands available, then handwriting a message and finally popping it in the post, is a feeling that a text message just doesn’t create. Yes, the power of technology allows us to keep in touch with friends and family across the world, which is amazing, but can you proudly display that email or text on the mantelpiece? No! But, your baby’s first birthday card from your friend who lives hundreds of miles away can be treasured for years to come! And it’s that feeing of thoughtfulness, that makes giving a card so special.


Of course, digital messaging has it’s purposes, but if you want to make someone feel extra special, there really is no better way then sending a little happy post in the form of a greeting card!

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