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  • Where did the tradition of Valentine's Day cards come from?

    Every year millions of Valentine's Day cards are given across the country, but why do we choose to give a card to show our love? I decided to do a ...
  • Why do we send Christmas cards?

    As a child, I remember sitting at the kitchen table writing Christmas cards for my school friends. Now, as an adult, I still send Christmas cards. ...
  • What does 'FSC Certified' actually mean?

    You may have seen on greeting cards, cardboard boxes or even your garden tools, a 'tick tree' logo with the letters FSC underneath. You probably kn...
  • Going Naked

    Traditionally, greetings cards are packaged in cello sleeves to keep them clean and protect them from damage. As we first entered the industry, we too used cello sleeves, purely because it was the done thing and customers expected it right?
  • Why send a card in a digital world?

    In a world ruled by digital technology, you may wonder why greeting cards are even still a ‘thing’. But a ‘thing’ they certainly are! So, why are greeting cards still so popular and why should we send them?
  • Hi there!

    After giving my website a little re-fresh recently, I thought it was about time I gave this whole blog thing a go! So for my first ever blog post, I thought I would share a few random things about me and tell you how Purple Tree came to be...